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Columbia Security Service & Systems, Inc.

Columbia Security Press Release:

December, 2009

Columbia Security Selected as Security Provider for the new Export Grain Terminal in Longview August 22nd marked the beginning of on-site security coverage provided by Columbia Security for the new export grain terminal facility being constructed at the Port of Longview. The foundations for the new silos were completed in September.

The massive silos shown in these photos were completed in a two-week “continuous pour” concrete project in December 2009. When the project is completed, grain will be unloaded from rail cars while the train is in motion. In turn, docked ships can be loaded in a matter of hours instead of days.

Colsec owners Doug and Dolly Harvey visited the site shortly after the silos were erected. Other photos of the site were taken on Christmas Day. Veteran security officer Ben Lyons (himself a retired construction engineer) is on duty.

Columbia Security Press Release:

September 27, 2009

Malicious Destruction of Property

On the evening of Saturday September 26, 2009 as the sun was dropping below the horizon, senior sergeant Bill Aberle pulled his patrol unit onto the property of a large housing roof-truss manufacturer closed down for over a year.  While patrolling the perimeter of this mostly vacant multi-acre site, he noticed what appeared to be a distant gate standing open.

Approaching the area, he soon realized that he was facing major property damage. From his report:  “I discovered the fence in the southeast corner of the property had been severely damaged with approximately 70 feet of fence ripped out of the ground and strewn across the street along the edge of the property.  The east gate had been pulled off its rollers and out towards the street, resting against the curb.  It appeared as if someone had hitched a truck to the corner post to deliberately destroy the fence.”

After surveying the area for possible suspects and calling for a police response, sergeant Aberle proceeded to check the rest of the facility.  Finding everything else intact, he notified a property representative and returned to the scene to assist the police.  After the investigation, a city crew arrived to clear away the fence parts and torn up trees blocking the street.

Portland news station KPTV (channel 12), learning of this unusual event, sent a crew to the area the following Monday.  Officer Don Fullerton stationed at the site, requested that ColSec administration respond to assist the news team in developing their report.  The attached news segment is the result.

KPTV Fox 12 Portland, Oregon website news coverage:  View the video  Read the Fox 12 story

Columbia Security Press Release:

September 8, 2009

ColSec Patrols During the Stringing of
New PGE Electrical Transmission Lines
 click for larger view  click for larger view  click for larger view  click for larger view

Concerns about the potential for theft of new high tension electrical wires being strung between transmission towers over the hills and valleys south of Longview, Portland General Electric (PGE) contacted Columbia Security for protection.

From April into June of 2009, ColSec provided nightly patrols on dirt roads over rough terrain through trees and brush using 4x4  patrol vehicles.  The project covered approximately 8 miles of constantly changing work sites punctuated with many nights of soaking seasonal rain.

As the photos show, a helicopter was incorporated to carry the new lines across US Highway 30 from its terminus at the old Trojan nuclear site.  Sergeant Randy McGraw, present for the procedural orientation, provided traffic control for the landing site nearby.

Richard Sanders (PGE corporate security officer in charge) wrote this statement afterwards:

"I cannot begin to express our pleasure with the performance of your patrol and office staff. We have been very impressed with the detail and professionalism displayed in the daily reports, not to mention the work and patrol ethic. If the occasion arises for a professional reference, please do not hesitate to use Joe (Goodale) or me. The same holds true individually for both ( ColSec officers) Peter (Kraus) and Drew (Davis), should the need arise. Should a further need exist, we will not hesitate to contact your office."


Columbia Security Press Release:

May 27, 2009

COLSEC adds Ford Fusions to  Patrol Division

 click for larger view In an agreement reached recently with the local Ford Dealership, Columbia Security acquired 2 new Fusions as replacements for 2 older Taurus sedans recently taken out of service. According to company CEO, Doug Harvey, the Fusions were selected based on size, appearance, performance, reliability, fuel efficiency and price.

"When we look at vehicles, the first thing I look for is comfort and roominess with easy in and out capabilities for our officers," said Harvey. "They can spend anywhere from 8 to 10 hours each shift driving 100-200 miles while constantly getting in and out to perform their security responsibilities." Appearance is an important factor as well since the company relies on its vehicles to carry its logo and help retain its professional image in the community. Since many cars on the market can fill this bill, specifically why the Fusion? Doug Harvey reports: "We selected the Fusion based on its overall reputation in consumer and testing results along with its excellent fuel efficiency for its size. While other cars came close, none surpassed the Fusion."

Finally the price: "Initial cost is always a major element and was essentially the deciding factor in choosing the Fusion. The Ford Motor Company and the local dealer, Columbia Ford-Lincoln-Mercury, worked in tandem to cement the selection of these cars for our needs."

View more photos in the Photo Gallery

Columbia Security Press Release:

April 23, 2009

Navy Vet Set for Another Middle East Tour

On Friday, April 17, 2009 Elaine Paprock worked her last day as a COLSEC officer for awhile.  Officer Paprock has volunteered for another tour of duty with U.S. Navy overseas.  Previously assigned to the Middle East in 2007, Elaine has maintained her active reserve status since returning, while expanding her career into the security field. In the photo below, CEO Doug Harvey shakes her hand as she prepares for her last civilian patrol assignment.  Elaine should be commended for her willingness to once again, put herself in harm’s way for the sake of her country.  She is a true patriot for whom we are all proud; one of thousands, no doubt and yet holding a very special place in the hearts of those here who have known and worked with her. "We all wish her a safe return."

Columbia Security Press Release:

April 5, 2009

Wanted Man Picks Wrong Spot to Fix Bike

 Officer Steve McDonald A man fleeing a local bar after assaulting another patron, picked the parking lot of North Coast Electric on Industrial Way in Longview to stop and fix his "get away" bicycle. Not knowing the circumstances,  officer Steve McDonald pulled up in his cruiser and got out to question the "visitor". It was just after midnight on April 5, 2009.

After explaining his bike difficulties, the guy asked McDonald directions to the Cross Keys Pub and immediately started to "walk" the bike off the property. Returning to his patrol car, the security patrolman overheard an "attempt to locate" broadcast on the police frequency while watching the man saunter down the street. Suddenly McDonald realized they were both one in the same.

This information was quickly relayed to 911. McDonald kept the suspect under observation, relaying his movement, until Longview police officers arrived to make the intercept and arrest.

Columbia Security Press Release:

March 8, 2009

Inebriated Driver Rams Parked Car

 Sergeant Raul Nunes Veteran  sergeant Raul Nunes was stopped in his patrol car near the intersection of 3rd and Chehalis Avenue in Chehalis Washington around 1:00am on the morning of March 8, 2009 when his attention was drawn to a dark-colored pickup truck about 100 yards north. "It was traveling southbound on Chehalis," he reports, "when I observed it swerve to the east side of the roadway and collide with (a legally parked) vehicle."

Nunes continued to watch as the truck disengaged itself from the parked vehicle, paused for 10-15 seconds, then proceeded towards his location. His report continues: "As the Ford pickup passed me (travelling) at approximately 15-20 mph, I observed damage to the left front bumper, coinciding with the collision I had just witnessed." Raul pulled in behind the truck (which he noted had three occupants) while alerting 911 of the "hit and run" accident.  Sergeant Raul Nunes

"As I communicated with (the) 911 operator," he writes, "the driver of the pickup elected to pull over to the curb in the vicinity of 5th Avenue." Stopping directly behind, Nunes remained in his vehicle waiting for Chehalis PD to arrive. "I did not motion for the driver to stop nor did I place any lights of any type on to the suspect vehicle." he commented, "The driver stopped on his own volition."

After arrival and investigating the incident, Chehalis police officers charged the driver with DUI (driving under influence) and leaving the scene of an accident. The individual was taken into custody and the pickup impounded.

Columbia Security Press Release:

February 24, 2009

Security Officer Locates Criminal for Police

 Officer Al Smith On duty at a large apartment complex in Chehalis (30 miles north of Longview), on the evening of February 23, 2009, Columbia Security officer Al Smith was contacted by a Chehalis city police officer with a warrant for the arrest of a man rumored to be in the area. Hearing the man’s description, Smith recollected seeing the guy earlier. Armed with the police officer’s cell phone number, Al Smith resumed his grounds patrol of this large complex.

Within the hour, the security officer spotted the suspect entering through one of the property’s gates. Keeping him in sight while maneuvering between buildings, Smith put out the call. Watching the man cross the open "commons" area to the other side, Smith hailed a police cruiser coming into the area.

As another police officer arrived, they all closed in on where the man was last seen. Within minutes, the culprit was cornered in one of the complex’s foyers. While being taken into custody, the suspect began to struggle with the officers while trying to swallow what was believed to be narcotics. The officers retrieved the items from his mouth and subsequently discovered more contraband in his pockets.

Thanking Al Smith for his assistance, the officers left with their prisoner in tow. Smith returned to his security duties, logging the incident and writing a report.  

Columbia Security Press Release:

January 29, 2009

Burglar Escapes, Leaves Booty Behind

 Officer Steve McDonald   patrol officer Steve McDonald was on patrol at 2:26 am on January 29th when he received a radio call of a burglary alarm at Olympic Elementary School in west Longview, a short distance away. He soon arrived with lights out, exited the patrol vehicle and began to look for tell-tale signs of a crime.

As he rounded the east side, he heard a commotion and then observed a man jump over the cyclone fence nearby. According to his report: "Due to foggy conditions, I could not get a good description other than he was average in size and was wearing a grey sweatshirt with a hoodie."

After alerting the dispatcher, McDonald quickly scanned the building for evidence that a crime had occurred. Finding a broken-out window in the library, he called for Longview police assistance. Officers with a K-9 soon arrived and began an interior search, while others combed the surrounding area.

The culprit was not immediately located, but it was obvious he was surprised by McDonald’s quick arrival. He reports: "Checking more thoroughly with (the police), we found a set of car keys with a remote opener attached, on the ground below the window. We also located all components of a computer system out by the fence."

Columbia Security Press Release:

January 2009


At the January board meeting for the Longview Pioneer Lions Club, kudos was offered to Columbia Security CEO Doug Harvey for donating the efforts of his  security patrol team to watch over the Christmas lighting display on Lions Island at Lake Sacajewea in the middle of town.

With memories of past incidents of theft and vandalism, the Lions Club turned to Doug once again this year for assistance. As the Christmas display (including set up and tear down) was provided as a community service by this venerable club of volunteers, Doug arranged to have his  patrol team provide roving surveillance as a courtesy service throughout the holiday season.

Subsequently an official letter of appreciation from Lion’s Club President, Don Harris, addressed to the patrol officers, was received:

"We would again like to thank you for your efforts in checking on Lion’s Island during the Christmas holidays. This is the second year in a row that we have not experienced any vandalism or theft to the Christmas displays on the island. We are sure your efforts contributed to this success."

In a letter later issued by Don Harris, Club President

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