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Columbia Security Press Release:

October 4, 2010

 Sergeant Bill Aberle  It was about 10:00pm on September 10th; darkness had just set in on a calm late summer evening in Longview. Swing shift  sergeant Bill Aberle was in the process of performing a routine check of a closed eye-care facility on 11th Avenue when he noticed what appeared to be a young child playing in the flowerbed along the front of the building. The child appeared to be a boy about 3 years old and he seemed perfectly content playing in the dirt. According to Aberle’s report: “I attempted to talk to the boy to determine who he was and where he had come from, but he was not responsive. He apparently lost interest in the flowerbed and started running around the building”

Aberle followed the boy hoping to locate an adult in charge, but found no one. It became obvious that the child was completely unattended, so he had dispatch inform 911 of the situation. The youngster darted off towards the office complex behind the eye care building, pursued by the security officer. In the meantime, the dispatcher radioed that the police were already searching for a missing youngster matching his description.

Overtaking the running boy, sergeant Aberle picked him up and carried him back to his patrol car and waited for the police to arrive. Longview officer Buchholz arrived and placed the boy in the police cruiser. Of course, it wasn’t long before the inquisitive lad found the siren and horn button.

A very relieved distraught mother retrieved her lost boy. She explained that the child, autistic and fearless, disappeared from her yard almost two blocks away.

Columbia Security Press Release:

August 25, 2010

Columbia Security Press Release:

June 27, 2010

Strange Encounter

It’s after 3:00am on the morning of June 27th and  patrol sergeant Vitaliy Shcheglyuk is slowly maneuvering has patrol cruiser in-between apartment buildings in a large residential complex in west Longview. Suddenly he spots a young man coming out of the shadows. Exiting his patrol car, the officer hails the guy who responds and immediately identifies himself. He then states he was trying to get into his apartment through a window but 5 ‘skinheads’ “…who broke in won’t let him.”

Realizing that this may be a police issue, Vitaliy radios a request for a Longview officer. In the meantime he reports; “While waiting for LPD to arrive, one of the people from inside of the apartment came out and starts arguing with (the first guy) over whose apartment it was.” Sergeant Shcheglyuk separates the two, advising them that the police have been summoned to help resolve the issue.

A police K-9 unit arrives and questions the young man who reports that he lost his keys and wallet and was confronted by people inside while trying to gain entry into “his” apartment through the window. The officer escorts the man up to the apartment and meets with the occupants. The security officer’s report describes what happens next: “About 10 minutes later, (the man) was brought down in handcuffs. The tenants living in (the) apartment had proof of ownership and (the man) was arrested for trespass.”

Columbia Security Press Release:

June 15, 2010

Man’s Actions Triggers a Defensive Response

It was almost 10:30 on the morning of June 15.  officer Don Fullerton had just secured a bank’s automated teller machine (ATM) for servicing by bank personnel, a daily routine. Without warning, a rather large man and his partner barged into the security perimeter. Fullerton, a former deputy sheriff, immediately directed them to clear the area. The larger man refused saying: “Nobody tells me to move. I go where I want.” Don stated the reason for his directive, but the man would not comply.

 “At that time” according to Fullerton’s report, “I noticed (the bank staff) standing on the sidewalk ready to approach the ATM… I again directed the man to move and he said ‘You can’t tell me what to do. I don’t take orders from security guards’. At the same time his body language indicated an aggressive stance.”
The report continues: “I then took necessary action to remove him from the area. I applied a ‘controlled spin move’ using just enough force to contain him and control the situation.” The man had no weapons so once he calmed down, he was helped up and ushered out of the secured area. Standing some distance away, the he called for a police officer on his cell-phone.

A Kelso officer soon arrived and interviewed those involved and those who had witnessed the incident. Afterwards, the man and his friend were counseled and directed to depart.

Columbia Security Press Release:

June 14, 2010

Veteran Security Officer Dies

Five-year veteran ColSec officer John Seaman passed away on June 13, 2010 after a long fight with cancer.  He served in Vietnam with the U.S. Air Force for several years before taking up carpentry.  In 2001, John entered the security field in Tacoma, Washington, transferring to Columbia Security in 2005.

“John was a very versatile employee and friend,” according to company CEO Doug Harvey.  “He was not only knowledgeable in security matters; he was capable of handling just about any kind of building maintenance and repair assignment. As a matter of fact, John not only formulated the construction plans for remodeling of our office building, he supervised and participated in the actual construction!” 

John worked in virtually all facets of the ColSec security operation including guard, patrolman, courier and supervisor.  Certified as an armed officer in both Oregon and Washington, he was only one of two individuals in the company’s 37 year history to hold the title of warrant officer.  In addition his professional capabilities, John was well-liked throughout the organization, frequently volunteering his assistance to other employees when they we in need. 

“We were very disheartened when we learned of his illness” continued Mr. Harvey, “and he has been sorely missed as an employee.  Now with his passing we have lost a true friend.”

Columbia Security Press Release:

June 11, 2010

Metal Thieves Caught in the Act

Familiar with an alert issued earlier by Kelso police,  officer Peter Kraus knew exactly who he was dealing with when he found a man and woman hovering over a scrap metal container. It was 4:30am on June 10th, officer Kraus was checking Northwest Freight Car Repair in the Longview industrial area when he spotted the pair.

According to his report: “They took one look at me and began running west at full speed. The male (then) ran north along the slough toward Alabama Street and disappeared into the darkness. The female continued west along the railroad tracks.” Kraus pursued and quickly overcame the woman “who became compliant” right away (In the photo, he points in the direction of his pursuit).

Taking her into custody, Kraus got on his portable radio and called for Longview police assistance. Within minutes an officer arrived and charged the woman with ‘criminal trespass.’ Simultaneously, another Longview patrolman found the male “soaking wet” lumbering down Alabama Street.

Columbia Security Press Release:

May 28, 2010

ColSec Personnel Renew Lifesaving Certifications

Ross McDowell, Deputy Director of Emergency Management for the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office, recently completed an instruction and practical training program designed to update ColSec staff and officers with the latest life-saving techniques and skills.  Practical exercises were conducted using the latest design in victim mannequins, created to ensure that resuscitation techniques were properly applied by each student.

Effective use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED), designed to restart incapacitated heart rhythm was taught.  Each officer was tested using a simulator designed to function exactly like the actual AED unit.

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Columbia Security Press Release:

March 8, 2010

Intruder Found Using School Computer
 Officer Peter Kraus Early on the morning of March 7th ColSec’s  officer Aaron Smith found an unlatched main door to Mark Morris High School in Longview after being dispatched there to a burglary alarm. As soon as backup officer Peter Kraus arrived, the two began a methodical search through the interior of the building.

 Officer Aaron Smith Approaching the cafeteria, Smith detected sounds coming from the cook’s office and summoned Kraus to the area. Both officers entered the room to find a man perched at a computer station accessing the internet. After ensuring that the man was unarmed, the officers were told that he had “found” the unsecured door and decided to come inside and use the computer.

Nothing else was found amiss and the burglar was turned over to responding police officers.

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