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Columbia Security Service & Systems, Inc.

ColSec News Bulletin:

December 4, 2013

Officer’s Suspicions Confirmed:

Shortly after 2:00AM on December 3, 2013, ColSec sergeant Scott Gaylord spotted a Chevy Astro van in the southwest corner of the Family Health Center parking lot with two men sitting inside. Aware that the van was sitting in front of a recently discovered hole in a cyclone fence surrounding company vehicles, Gaylord suspected them being at that spot may not be just a coincidence.

As soon as the driver said he’d run out of gas, Scott had them both exit the vehicle and stand in front while he stepped back to call for police backup. In a matter of minutes, several Longview police officers arrived and after hearing of Gaylord’s suspicion, began interviewing the two men and checking the vehicles in the compound.

Shortly thereafter, the two men were placed under arrest when evidence of gas siphoning from 3 vehicles was confirmed.

ColSec News Bulletin:

August 10, 2013


Shortly after 1AM on August 10th, ColSec patrol officer Doug Kennedy discovered a Dodge Neon in the Epson parking lot within the Mint Farm Industrial Park; keys in the ignition and a dog in the back seat. Finding no one at the facility, Kennedy expanded his search to the surrounding area knowing the driver must be around somewhere.

About 20 minutes later while checking a mini-storage/truck rental complex nearby, his search paid off: “I found two gas cans and a rolled up hose under a U-Haul truck”, his report states. “As I continued with my investigation, (a man) stepped out from behind a truck and said ‘You caught me’.”

Obtaining his identification, Kennedy radioed for police assistance. Shortly thereafter as a Longview police cruiser approached the scene, the suspect suddenly bolted attempting to escape. However, he didn’t get very far before being recaptured.

ColSec News Alert:

July 15, 2013

Criminal Barely Escapes During Burglary:

Veteran ColSec patrol officer, Ron Johnson while making a routine patrol inspection at ALS Environmental in Kelso, Washington around 2:30 in the morning on July 15, 2013, noticed that one of the back gates was standing open. Having found it secure on a previous check, and now seeing the padlock attached to a cut chain on the ground, Johnson realized he had uncovered fresh criminal activity.

Within moments, two police officers joined him and a thorough search of the area was completed. Finding no one, the police officers left while Johnson notified a company representative regarding the insecure gate. Having done so, Johnson also left the site.

The next day, a review of the surveillance video revealed that an intruder was indeed inside the fenced area as officer Johnson’s patrol car entered the front of the property. It further showed that as soon as the criminal observed the headlights he broke and fled leaving several valuable items behind.

ColSec News Alert:

May 6, 2013

Sunday night, May 5, 2013 at 10:25pm:

On his first nightly check at Columbia Ford in Longview, veteran patrol officer Marty Peroutka noticed water running out of a pipe on the NW corner of the main building. Having patrolled this site many times and never witnessing such an event before, he asked dispatch to inquire with a company representative about it. While this was not a security issue, officer Peroutka felt it could still potentially be a serious matter, none the less.

The dispatcher soon notified the officer that someone was en route. According to the officer’s report, an employee arrived at 11:05pm: “We entered the building and made our way through the parts room and into the service area. There, water was observed cascading down the overhead wall.”

A broken pipe was found to be the culprit and the employee proceeded immediately to shut down the water source until it could be repaired.

The officer’s quick action was credited to limiting the seriousness of the water damage, which was gratefully appreciated by dealership management.

Letter of Appreciation:

April 10, 2013

We provide free weekly daytime courier service for the St. John Medical Center Foundation. Today we received the following note of appreciation from Cathy Barr, director:

“I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate your generosity to the Foundation. Your services have made things so much easier for us! It is not often that businesses or individuals provide such great service and understand the constraints of non-profit budgets. We value you and your wonderful couriers more than you will ever know. Thanks you!”

From The Daily News:

January 17, 2013

Black-clad group flees officials after Kessler Elementary break-in; 1 arrested:

Longview police and officers from a private security company encountered a group of black-clad people rushing away from Kessler Elementary School early Wednesday after an apparent break-in, according to reports.

Officers arrived at 1:05 a.m. to find about six people who "began to flee in every direction" from the school at 902 East Kessler Boulevard, according to a report from Columbia Security company.

Police apprehended one male who refused to give his name or age.  His identity had not been released Wednesday evening.  He told police he was among 15 or 20 people at the school, according to one of the reports.

Officers found a window in a door had been broken and property belonging to the school was outside the building.  Among the items were musical instruments, a backpack and a movie projector.

ColSec News Alert:

January 12, 2013


On the above date and time myself and Security Officer Shcheglyuk were dispatched to the above site for multiple activations at various locations.  Alarms received were 'SW STAIR MOTION, SE LOBBY MOTION and LOCKER ROOM MOTION'.  I advised s/o Shcheglyuk to respond to the east side of the school and I responded to the west side near the gym.  Dispatch advised of us additional activations to these areas.  I requested that LPD be advised and have them respond. 

I arrived on scene at the south west corner of the property near 20th Avenue and Kessler and exited my vehicle to get a vantage point on that side of the building. I confirmed that Shcheglyuk was on the opposite side of the building and began to observe the area. I heard what sounded like someone coughing in the area of the west side of the building. A very short time later I also heard a voice, however was not able to make out what exactly was said. At this same time, Shcheglyuk advised me that he heard what sounded like someone banging on a piano from inside the building. This was followed up with a loud crash... 

Read the complete report ►ALARM REPONSE REPORT 13-0091  Sgt. Scott Gaylord

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