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The signature service of Columbia Security (COLSEC) is the patrol division. In the patrol system, several businesses in a geographical area are combined together under the watchful eye of a member of our security patrol team.

Using a vehicle, fully-equipped and marked for the purpose, a thoroughly trained officer performs numerous inspections of each subscriber’s premises every night. Checking for signs of unwanted activity; unauthorized people; and surveying for potential security breaches are the intrinsic responsibilities of patrol.

Clients like this service for its cost-effectiveness and its evaluative nature. Unlike electronic systems that are totally reactionary with a calculated response, our patrol system provides a proactive approach that can neutralize events many times before they are consummated. Applying the "human element" ensures proper analysis for a proper conclusion.

Available 24 hours a day, every day, officers stay in close contact with our radio dispatch center. Vehicles are GPS equipped and a computerized patrol verification system also tracks patrol activity. Security reports are computer generated and submitted to each respective client for review.

For apartment complexes, car dealerships, shopping centers, industrial parks, closed communities, construction sites, schools and for all other locations experiencing external criminal activity, the system is an invaluable remedy.


Physical Site Security


The largest segment of COLSEC, the physical site security division, provides security officers for a diverse group of subscribers who require consistent guard coverage. The key to ensuring satisfaction is our ability to match the skills of each officer to the requirements of the assignment.

With clients’ needs ranging from basic training to high skill levels; from written to computer entry; and from unarmed to armed, the marriage of cost and performance in program development has been the essential element of COLSEC’s success.

After the initial responsibilities are met, COLSEC continues with a policy of maintaining close professional rapport with each client to ensure quick response to concerns or changes in security requirements. Simultaneously, our management and supervision teams work with our personnel to rectify issues and to commend performance as appropriate.

An open line of communications is maintained between field officers and our 24-hour dispatch center. Officers are queried each hour for safety and patrol officers are dispatched to assist whenever a call goes unanswered or an urgent need arises.

Smartly uniformed, appropriately equipped, enthusiastically supported, properly trained and state licensed, COLSEC security personnel meet our clients’ expectations day-in and day-out.


Event Security


COLSEC has a long and successful record of development and implementation of security procedures for a wide range of special events. From small parties requiring one officer to major extravaganzas requiring a cadre of security personnel with multiple responsibilities, we have gained both respect and notoriety for successful preparation and implementation.

Equally proficient with one day events as with multiple day, or multiple week activities, COLSEC management works closely with the event chairman to design a protection program commensurate with perceived needs for personnel, property, valuables, sensitive materials and equipment. Issues pertaining to specific placement of speakers, guests, prominent individuals, groups, entertainers or even animals will be coordinated for smooth transition.

Examples of event coverage include: weddings, dances, company parties, jewelry & coin shows, gun shows, fairs and grandstand events, live shows, city events, sports games & tournaments, ship arrivals and gangway watch, natural disaster and emergency assistance, major motion picture filming sites, and even the first nuclear cooling tower implosion in the United States.

Whatever the special assignment, COLSEC is competent and ready to serve. Whether it's big or small, give us a call: “We can handle it!”


Armed Courier


Developed after a messenger was robbed at gunpoint many years ago, COLSEC has been providing armed protection for the transport of cash and valuables ever since. Today, many clients depend on us for this service. City, county, state and other government institutions; credit unions; banks; colleges; movie theaters; and hospitals are some examples.

Each transport is thoroughly documented through a 3-part transmittal system, countersigned by all parties. Valuables are insured the moment a COLSEC officer takes possession until delivered to the intended destination. Playing an integral part, our dispatch center carefully tracks all courier movement.


Express Armored Transport


For those clients requiring secure transport of large quantities of cash or other valuable items, COLSEC provides fully armored vans for that purpose. Available to transport on a scheduled basis or by special request, our express armored transports provide fast, reliable service.


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